I stay wib my parent in law.. got advantage n disadvantage lahz.. just now my father in law ask mi i everytime talk to my mum very rude arhz.. cuz he recently keep hearing mi talking with my hubby lyk that.. lyk very pissed off with him.. then i just sae yes.. then he somehow keep saying if let his mum (grandma in law) hear, she cfm will scold .. then i tell him.. diff centuary .. women also got her rights to voice out what she displease with.. if i angry will dear husband, he expect mi to talk to him nicely mehz? if talk to him nicely, he will 1 ear in 1 ear out lohz.. as if father in law dont know his son character.. if father in law know his son "did it again", i dont think he'll talk to mi lyk that lohz.. cuz the one inside impt..
to mi is lyk WTH.. ya grandchild also i 40weeks carry everywhr then give birth .. should respect mi lahz.. ya grandchild human, i not human arhz?!?!