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A secret of mine

This is a discussion on A secret of mine within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Cause we are all girls and will feel shameful of what had happened to us. Unlike those guys , they ...

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    Female Attendant ohstrawberry's Avatar
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    Re: A secret of mine

    Cause we are all girls and will feel shameful of what had happened to us. Unlike those guys, they totally got no shame. We should be brave and carry on with our life, dont't let such memories haunted us forever, it may be a black mark of our past, just cover it with our colorful future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renzie View Post
    If I were you, i highly doubt I can face him. I used to wonder if I am still a virgin and that I'm dirty and such as well.

    Funny thing...its them in the wrong, and yet we are unable to face them....
    Last edited by ohstrawberry; 13-02-2010 at 01:36 AM. Reason: not refering to all guys, apologies

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    Pure Consort Ting's Avatar
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    Re: A secret of mine

    actually i feel that, its bcos you r the victim, thus you feel that way..
    its abit unfair to say that some guys feel no shame?
    what about those boy victims? they will also feel shameful if someone did that to them when they were young, right?
    there r also many boys who r victims of these psychopath n phaedophiles...

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    Worthy Lady
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    Feb 2009
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    Re: A secret of mine

    hi dear no worries i had a something similar encounter with you but worser than you =(
    it was when i was in primary 6.
    1. while in jurong east emporium looking at the barbie dolls with mummy in the bra dept, a man stood beside me. did not suspect anything as i thought he wanted to buy a doll for someone. he than tapped my shoulder and unzipped is pants, wanting to use it to rub against me =( i ran like hell and he chased me!! luckily found mummy and hugged her and he ran away! taught me a lesson never to let my ger go see toys alone now!!
    2. was sleeping at granny home on her bed while parents were gambling... than cousin carassed my whole body, kissed my ear and touched my pp area..... was trembling in fear, same like you did not dare tell anyone as i though no one will believe in me =( after that he even warned me not to tell anyone....till now i hate him to the core and never tok to him again!!!
    3. was molested my by OWN BROTHER when i was in sec 1....while sleeping..not once but twice....was totally hurt and felt betrayed!

    all the above events really traumatised me deeply....
    even having sex with hubby was also a problem as there was a phobia there.
    luckily of his understanding and support, i managed to have a cute little princess and things have started to get better ever since...
    maybe you should tell your hubby, share with him your story and you will feel better.
    now when hhubby sees my cousin he will stare at him and he dare not look back! but all these are living examples that i learn from and i will NEVER let it happen to my precious princess.

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    Worthy Lady Ottermum's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
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    Re: A secret of mine

    I also got molested by my cousin (my eldest uncle's son) too...think he was about 13 n i was just 2 or 3...

    my mum caught him caressing my private part....she was so mad!!!

    think she didn't report him (cos she's a timid woman by nature and my dad's side of relatives look down on her) but she never left me alone with him eversince that incident happened...til now she hates them to the core...

    I truly believe i was not the only victim...there are lots of girls in the family...

    actually i was shocked to hear that (when i've grown up) but i dont't feel ashamed of myself...it's not my fault what...i dont't blame my mum too...but she really blames herself for that...

    Well most kids get curious about sex one day...it's just the ways how their parents introduce to them n educate them about it...some parents just heck care...even worse they watch porn or 'do it' when their kids are somewhere around...

    so i kind of not blaming him for doing that...i know he's just curious about it...

    but then he's definitely lost his due respect from me...

    sometimes i wonder whether he is ashamed of his wrongdoings?

    does the same thing happen to his own daughter? (yes, he's divorced n has a daughter too)

    I've told my nephew dont't ever do that to a girl...it's very rude n hurtful...imagine someone does that to his mum how would he feel?

    when my boy grows up i'm gonna tell him that too...to be safe i will not let him play alone with girls...n teenage boys...n dirty old men!!
    Last edited by Ottermum; 18-02-2010 at 01:07 AM.

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