We have been marries for almost 6yrs. With 3 kids. One of them new born bhy. I miss tge old times woth my hubby. Hugging n holding hands.
Ever since i pregnant my last child till now. He always dont even hug me , dont kiss me automaticly or hold my hands when we go out we walk sparate sometime he infront i at the back. He only call me love when he goes to work by sms only. But at when he back from work @ home. He call me stupid fatty lazy bump. He always ask me you sit at home you also tired at stupid? I only love him when he at work but not at home.
Sometimes at night kids sleep sex he will ignore but even no hugs he said i tired i just come back from work are you stupid i alot work one. So sad . From now he n me never sleep together already. He only will hold my hand kiss hug or have sex when i force him or not he ignore me.
Not only that before this thing happen till i preg n give birth for my 3child i caught him facebook private msg , alamak(chat), sms with girl say hi n talk so nice like couple but with me no.

Pls advice should i stay or leave him . My heart so hurt.