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Should I or not help him

This is a discussion on Should I or not help him within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; hi all, should I or not help him ? We been together for 3 years +++, lately both of us ...

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    Should I or not help him

    hi all, should I or not help him ?

    We been together for 3 years +++, lately both of us always quarreling, affecting our relationships, even a small issue we can quarrel, can say everyday, even our neighbours ask us what happen.
    Lately he had some financial problems, huge debts around.
    Also our hair salon business not good, he no mood working, all the staffs resign left me working for him, sometimes he even did turn up for work, I alone how to cope up with no staffs around to help me, how to settle the debts for him like that. Sometimes those debts collectors come to salon, scared the customers away. They making a nuisance in the salon too. They sometimes threaten me N say nasty words. Few times they touch me too but didn't go further only. I scared 1 day they will (I dont't want to imagine what will happen to me later). I told him but he didn't help me too, even ask me dont't report to the police this matters. Even if he around when they came to salon, he even no help me that time too. Even they touch me in front of him, he didn't even help me that time. All he can say is, dont't worry, everything's will be fine later after they left. He got say to me before, I'm only 1 can help him N the business. So, should I or not help him ?

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    Re: Should I or not help him

    Isn't the answer very obvious? He dont even protect you when you r been bullied, he leave you alone to face the trouble he created. you r not even lawfully related to him, why shld you still help him?

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