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TeenyWeeny, since your father in law so stubborn, I'm gonna suggest something very mean. dont let them see your baby until he stop being so childish.

Thankfully your mum is able to help out for a while. My long term suggestion if your father in law continue to be so stubborn: get a helper to help your mum with housework/cooking. Need not be maid, can be those PT cleaner type of thing if you not comfy with maid. At least your mum wont be so tired and can concentrate on looking after the 2 babies

I know shuttling to your mum's place at West is very far, but at least it's not everyday since you are on shift work. If you persevere, after a while your mother in law will miss your baby . Then she'll start to nag at father in law to let her take care cos she miss the baby
Ya this is what I'm thinking of doing. See my father in law can stubbon how long. But I never let my hubby know . Just tell him I will wait till his parents change their mind. Now I will stay over at mum's place when working and go home with baby during off day.