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sister In law calls herself Mummy, wise?

This is a discussion on sister In law calls herself Mummy, wise? within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hi, I dont know if i am just being paranoid, but the title "Mummy (insert her nickname)" is being used ...

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    sister In law calls herself Mummy, wise?

    Hi, I dont know if i am just being paranoid, but the title "Mummy (insert her nickname)" is being used to call my sister In law for my son. At first, i was very uncomfortable and very jealous and possessive of my son about that title (although never express fully my views), my mother in law okla call her "mummy ___" in front of my son but my sister In law calls herself "mummy" fullstop. i find that very uncomfortable and maddening. is that just me?
    she will say "mummy here mummy here" etc, and whenever she come to my baby last time, he will cy unnaturally loud and others including my mother in law take that as a sign that he wants to be carried by her (that he loves her basically), when i personally think otherwise and think that he is scared instead, when she look directwise at himlike that. then everytime carry him and my mother in law just GUSH over how he favours and likes her, to everyone that will listen.

    but now, relaxed abit because now hardly come over anymore, last almost every week (somemore she married for more than 5 years already but still can't conceive, poor thing but still...) but just wait til she starts to have more time again on her hands, when her work not so busy anymore, then i may start harbouring intense resentment again.

    that time, go her house, straightaway take and carry my baby, but baby cry then never even give me back, instead go direction away from me, and just go to her hubby, her own sister In law or my mother in law. helllO? the mother is hereee..?

    somemore, the thing that is maddening too is that she not close to me at all the expect to be close to my son? doesnt even talk to me unless i talk to her and make eye contact, but she on her own, doesnt care to talk or get to know me at all.

    I dont know, but i just want mummy and mama (what i call myself) for myself?

    just small matter but just wanted to vent

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    Re: sister In law calls herself Mummy, wise?

    I can understand how you feel... because if it was me.. i will get piss off.... but now as you say that you dont't go there often already... so i think things will get better.. if you r really unhappy about it.. or she is too much.. just nicely tell her that you dont't like that or dont't agree to what she do...

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    Re: sister In law calls herself Mummy, wise?

    sry to say but no i wont let my child call anyone mummy but me. cos im the mother and NO ONE else shld be called mother. you better get your son back or she might just snatch your son away from you. how did your hubby react? tell him to speak to your mother in law n sister In law if it is not convenient for you to tell them straight.

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