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Too Padang?

This is a discussion on Too Padang? within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Dnt knw y, my mother in law like to talk rubbish in front of my baby, she say in front of baby ...

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    Too Padang?

    Dnt knw y, my mother in law like to talk rubbish in front of my baby, she say in front of baby like: "wow! she outgrown so fast, now the clothes i buy all just nice now, so FAT!" or "żou must give her more solid food, if not she will vomit wen you give her food in near future!" To US our baby is doing fine now, y must she do/say this?

    Maybe she do it in purpose, she know i am padang type, bt i thought old chn mum are more padang??? ???

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    Re: Too Padang?

    ic ic.. maybe you're just being too sensitive , I'm sure your mother in law means no harm (or cursing) by saying fat and vomit.. sumtime old ppl cannot differenciate the word "fat" (which is being overweight) and "chubby" (which is just nice weight and sounds more nicer)..

    and about the vomit, maybe she meant that if you never introduce solid food the baby might not get used to it and will refuse to start eating solid.

    So its just a word mis-located hehe..

    just take it easy i tink.. but you can explode if your mother in law would say for example, "this baby so fat or this baby surely vomit if..." now that is cursing! for me, if sumone sayingt his i'd not tink second time then scold them already haha..

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