Paternity Testing

Paternity DNA testing is an exact science that provides the most definitive determination of fatherhood when simple, but carefully conducted sampling procedures are followed. Test samples can be obtained in the privacy of your home, or at a testing facility by a licensed medical professional. Advanced Paternity offers three paternity testing options explained below.
Home Test

The Home Paternity Test is our most discrete and economical kit. It includes a cheek swab for collecting DNA samples of both the child, and the father in question in the privacy of the home. As long as the samples are collected as directed in the simple instructions that accompany the kit, the results will be as accurate as results from our more expensive kits. The only difference is that, should it ever be necessary to use DNA testing in court, the results of this test will have limited admissibility because they will not meet the exacting legal standard of chain of custody.

Clinic Test

The Peace of Mind Test kit is exactly the same as our DNA Home Testing Kit, except that the samples are taken by a licensed medical professional at a local clinic. This addresses possible concerns of any interested parties to the results over uncertainties about the collection or testing procedures.

Legal Test

Cheap Legal Paternity Tests use the procedure as the other Paternity Tests, except that the samples are collected in a licensed facility, and the subjects of the test are required to present verifiable proof of identity. Conducting the collection of samples and subsequent analysis within the legal standards required for the collection of evidence allows the results of this test to be used in court.