Dear all,

I need a listening ear for the current unhappiness I am facing at work and hope you will offer me some advice. I am currently expecting my 1st child and is working full time for my company as a contractor based at client site. I had been working at my company (not local) for almost a year when I found that I am expecting my first child. My boss was not too happy when I told him about the news of my pregnancy as he is someone who expects all his staff to be 100% devoted to their work. He was not an easy person to work for and expects a lot from his staff and will not hesitate to reprimand anyone who he felt is not performing in front of the whole team. This is very demoralising to all of us. My workload did not decrease and got heavier. To top it off, I was dismayed to find that an ex superior whom I used to work for briefly and left because of unfair treatment had also joined the company. She was still the same person as before, bossy, nasty, overbearing and loves putting down people with words and everyone in the team including me has to report to her. My work nature is a very stressful one as I have to oversee and take care of the office operations for not only Singapore but a few other countries as well. It is worse now that we have more new reports and work to handle. And I have to work on weekends as well for the upcoming weeks as we are expecting a busy period. There is only 1 other staff working with me over her taking on the huge amount of work.

We are not even compensated fairly for the weekends we are coming back to work. It's just 1 or 1.5 days for 2 full weekends of work. It's an extremely difficult period for me as I can't sleep very well at night due to my bulging tummy and with my baby kicking me most of the time. I am often sleepy and tired and with the stress I am facing at work, I find myself losing more and more interest in my work. I find myself crying at work and at home most of the time. I know that it's not good for me and the baby and that I am trying my best not to dwell on the negative issues so much. It's easier said than done. I am forcing myself to remain here as I am due to deliver in just a few more months and I do not want to resign despite I am very tempted to. I will lose out on my maternity leave and benefits which I do not want my company to get away with it. And with the pending arrival of my baby, the money I am earning right now and during my leave will help a lot to cope with the expenses.

But I am not sure if I have the will and strength to carry on these few months with the rate I am going. I do know for certain is that I am going to resign with or without a job upon my return from my maternity leave as I really can't see myself working there anymore. In the meantime, how am I going to survive these few months without breaking apart or suffering a mental breakdown? I did have talks with my husband and he knows that I am very depressed. He did mention on supporting me if I really want to resign. But I do not want him to take on the extra burden of supporting me when he is not earning that much and he is already footing all the bills for the screening, tests and medicine. I already feel very bad about it.