hi mummies,

i am about 30weeks pregnant. EDD:Feb2010. Had planned to get my mum to help & hus suddenly suggested that my family move in altogether and get their place rent out so they can have more cashflow. I agreed. I was very happy as i always hope this to happen.

I thought this is the BEST plan and everyone will be delighted and move in fast. Bt...

1st, my brother dont agree then spend a few days to speak to him finally outspoke him and now he is agree to move in.

2nd, my parent's 1 rm had just rented out (a few days before we ask them to move in). as i wanted them to move in ASAP so i dont need to worry too much mah. At 1st Hus say he SETTLED....bt then my bro also start doing property agent, so thinking let him try bt takes too long to have any action(another week gone).

now hus say HE TAKE OVER BETTER... ...we agreed...just now he say nvm that let that tenant stay will 3mths(as agreed in contract)!!! that means we gt to wait till End feb... ...i will be giving birth!!!

now i am so worrying. As i had a bad experience with my mother in law for my 1st confinement. I REALLY dont wish she will get involve in my 2nd confinement. She totally just knw hw to TALK with NO actions.

Sometimes i try not to think so much bt i cant help it. my elder girl is only 25mths old, she needs my attention whenever we bring her home every wkn. i find quite tedious now to look after her with my big tummy. i really hope we get to see her and accompany more before her sibling born.