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Jollytots Preschool

This is a discussion on Jollytots Preschool within the Yishun forum, part of the Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old) category; 865, Yishun Street 81, #01 - 21, Singapore 760865 Tel: 67585493...

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    Jollytots Preschool

    865, Yishun Street 81, #01 - 21, Singapore 760865 Tel: 67585493

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    Re: Jollytots Preschool

    Dear all,

    Have been on this forum for a while now and want to contribute with this review=))

    I personally like this childcare alot as my younger brother(now 20 yo) was from this childcare. I went down to inquire about their available slots and fees
    for my daughter when she was around 12mths old. Was told by one of the teachers that I need to make prior appointment as the principal is not always
    in the school and only she can better explain the details of enrollment to me. Fair enough, so took their number and went back to call the principal to secure
    an appointment.

    When I went down, I am quite happy to know that the principal is the teacher that was incharge when my brother was there many years back, and she did
    recognize me too!So after chatting with her I proceeded to place deposit and my girl started attending from 18mths. One thing I like most about this school
    is that it is a non-aircon school, which means that the spread of flu or other virus is minimised(in my stupid opinion ). First 3 days of school was hell cos like
    many other children, she cried alot and refused to let go of me. As I am a working mum, I had to let her stay there and on the 3rd day, I tried to leave right
    after placing her there, the teachers assured me that she will be fine.

    No doubt that she continue crying for almost one month and she lost alot of weight. Then one day, one of the teacher called me and told me to reconsider putting
    her there as she said she is not adapting well and not at all cooperative. They say that they tried all ways to make her eat and make her nap but she just have alot
    of energy to keep crying. So they want me to remove her from the class. I found this initiative to be abit off as in, isnt it the teacher's duties to make the child adapt
    and cope with the child's emotions? Why did they request for my daughter to leave? I tried talking to the principal but she is always not in and I have to work so I can
    only be there after 6pm to have the discussion but she says that she needs to leave at 5pm. I couldnt get to meet her in the end and we liaise over the phone instead.

    In the end, I removed my daughter from the cc and they took months to refund the deposit to me. So I would not recommend this cc as the teachers are not
    very professional, maybe my daughter is rather naughty and keep crying but I do think that it is the teacher's duty to take care of her so that we mums can go back
    to workforce with a peace of mind.

    This review is an opinion from a mum, so I leave it to you mums to decide=))

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