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Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

This is a discussion on Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd. within the Yishun forum, part of the Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old) category; 290, Yishun Street 22, #03 - 401, Singapore 760290 Tel: 67573290...

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    Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

    290, Yishun Street 22, #03 - 401, Singapore 760290 Tel: 67573290

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    Re: Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

    With the increasing numbers of HFMD cases in this childcare ctr, my husband and I decided to withdraw my boy. We did voice out our concern as the no. of confirmed cases had gone up to more than 20 within a month. And my child is also one of the confirmed cases. We asked why the ctr did not plan to close for a few days to do a thorough washing and disinfection.

    I know the ctr did the disinfection but it did not help and the germs are still there and is spreading...

    I sincerely hope those parents who send their children to this centre can actually talk to the principal to see if there is any other alternative way to stop the infectious diseases from spreading. My child is a victim and I know how painful to see your child not able to eat and sleep properly... and the difficulty in drinking even a sip of water...
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    Re: Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

    starting this with a big sigh...

    was rather disappointed with the school teachers...

    there's this Teacher Si**... I saw her sleepy look she had when she was showing the few students some books...

    On the 2nd day of parent-sit-in orientation... she read a book about a puppy and a kitten teaching shapes...

    With her slightly sleepy attitude... she told the 2 student, my 2.5 yr old child and another 20 month old child....

    "this is a rectangle" (I feel so embarrassed... cos she was showing a square... I did not voice out because I dont know if she's the petty sort and who knows, take it out on my girl... ok maybe I think too much. I was just hoping she would see it for herself)

    then it's Chinese lesson... a PRC teacher introduced herself and she took over the class... my child have no idea what school is. So she ran around exploring the premises. When the PRC teacher was unable to get my child to the classroom, she said to her in a very deep and fierce tone in Chinese... "WILL LET you DO ANYTHING you WANT TODAY, BUT NOT WHEN TOMORROW COMES" Sounds like my child will be in deep shiit if she cannot comprehend the next day. So I tried my best to discipline my child and keep introducing her school, class, teacher, classmates, etc. Its her frigging 2nd day, why so tough on her?

    then on 4th day... my child came back with an abrasion (less than 1cm but the skin was hanging loose!) on TWO sides of her feet... I was upset that they did not notice it... I know there are bound to be falls, bites at anywhere, even in school. But it is their job to check and inform us. I called and asked about the wound. The teacher told me "oh she fell down on the way to the toilet. I checked already but I didnt notice any injuries." omg. the teacher who blindly teach the children wrong shapes of course cannot notice any wounds. I took a pic cos I know the skin will drop off in a day's time and the redness will subside the next day and I will seem like a gan cheong mother. Just to show them that it's not unnoticeable especially after a "fall". Still, I did not make a big fuss nor did I sounded angry. Just asking and letting them know that... I do check my child each day after school. And she also complain to me, "pain, pain leg". One thing I dont't understand is, a normal fall will have abrasion on the knee, but this 2 abrasion is slightly above the toe and the other one is on the other foot, somewhere in between the toes. On one hand, I know I shouldnt make assumptions. On the other hand, Im her mother, I should THINK. "Was she being dragged to the toilet after she fell or something...?"

    5th day, my hubby was showering my child and she suddenly SHOUTED. "GEI WO AN JING!!" "SHUT UP" so obviously she was demonstrating the PRC teacher. I understand it's hard to make all children listen and behave. But am I the only one who thinks GEI WO AN JING is a bit too much?

    Despite paying for full day childcare fees... I always fetch her to school between 8to830am and bring her back between 12to2pm.
    Full time childcare is 7am to 7pm. BUT....

    2nd week.... the teacher wrote on the "communication book" telling me that she knocks off at 530pm and hopefully I can in future make it a point to bring her back before the timing. Though I will never let my child stay till so late (Im lucky cos I have the choice). But what was she thinking writing all that down to a parent? What about those parents who does not have the choice due to their working hours? Using my PR skills again... I called to check on other things and casually mention the 530pm thingy. And I asked her after that time, who will be around? She actually answered with no confidence, saying that the other teachers for the older children will be around. REALLY??? REALLY???????

    Anyway, I withdrew my child from the centre less than 2 weeks.

    Just my personal experience.

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    Re: Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

    Seems like a disorganize and unsure child care centre according to you. Thanks for sharing your experience with this child care, definitely will serve as a proper review for others who might be wondering if this child care is the right one for them.

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    Re: Just Kids @ Yishun Pte. Ltd.

    Dear Parents,
    We are delighted to invite you and your family to our year-end Learning Festival slated to be held on Saturday, 5 December 2015 @ 10 am - 3 pm.

    During this year's Learning Festival, you would be able to learn about the unique curriculum of Picket Fence Education. We focus on individual child's educational, social and emotional development, and character building through our child-centric approach.
    On the day, your children would also get to explore our centre through various fun group activities. One of the highlights is the opportunity for your children to participate in our enrichment workshops detailed below:
    10.00 - 11.00: Music by Kindermusik International
    11.00 - 13.00: Chinese Speech & Drama by Absolut Minds
    11.30 - 12.00: Taekwondo by Taekwondo Singapore
    13.00 - 14.00: Arts by Art Speaks Studio
    13.30 - 14.30: English Speech & Drama by ACT 3 International
    In celebration of the event, we would be rolling out special promotional package for 2016 intake, offered only for that day.
    To inquire more about the event or make a reservation, please email us at yishun@pf-edu.com or call us at 8555 8523.
    Shuttle bus transport is also available on the day from Yishun MRT and Fernvale LRT (Sengkang) stations.
    Look forward to seeing you in our event!

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