I am new, and wondering if there is any 2004 moms who are keen to share academic and school expereinces and exchange.
I would like to know and share so as to better know how to help my children further, I am looking for your advice and your experiences...

Currently, one child is in p5 and struggling for the big jump from p4 so I dont't want to be sorry but I am looking for reliable sources for composition sources for both languages.

I have managed to be lucky enough to find a competent and responsible for bothe math and science concepts application but I still looking for the rest and hoping if there is any help ir any more I need to know, I would like to know.

Hope parents can help, no agencies! Parents can email me at zara.ho@yandex.com, hopefully asap, I really dont't wish to delay anymore.
Thank you for understanding the urgency!