I want to share my testimonial for weight loss. Till 2004, I was around 55kg, until after i gave birth to my daughter in 2006, i gained weight to about 63kg(post natal). all the massages , exercises, reduce food intake all did not work for me. I even signed up slimming packages with Jxxn Yxp. True enough, it did not work well also. Every session at Jxxn Yxp, i can lose about 0.5kg, but due to tight schedule at work, i cant go every week, so the progress became stagnant.
In 2008, i was pregnant with my 2nd baby , after giving birth in dec 2008, my weight was around 66kg-68kg. Imagine from M-L, i became XL.
The cycle of losing weight started all over again..
My weight went up and down (but going up most of the time). I tried exercising, yoga, gym, cut carbo, no sweet stuff.. but ... weight keep going up n up.. Ex-colleague tried to introduce me to TRA .. i was worried I could not persist..
The horror came until I decided to cut carbo during dinner from late 2013 to early 2014.. Guess what, the weight did not go down, but in fact, it went up and up until i finally reach 73Kg!!!

Then at this point of time, my sis friends recommended her to TRA again.. I was rather hesitant at that time, still worried that $$ spent and I can't persist to gain the results.
However, she proved to me that it can be achieved.. she was much more bigger size than me before the programme (about 80++kg), now she's like 60kg..
After sometime of consideration, i decided to go on the program:
and here's my achievement so far
May 2014 :
Age 35
Body age 55
VFA (organ fat ) 12
Weight 73kg
Antioxidant level 12000

September 2014 :
Age 35
Body Age 46
VFA (organ fat ) 7
Weight 62Kg
Antioxidant level 42000

There are other measurements done, but the list is inexhaustive..
Anyone keen to find out more.. Please contact me for free assessment. I am still going through the programme

To add on:
My confidence level dropped to extremely low when i keep gaining weight. No matter how i tried to reduce my food intake. Worse part is, my colleagues all eat the same things as me (breakfast and lunch), same like me, no exercise and they dont even need to do housework. I walk to work and they take car... I keep gaining weight and they dont't.. was super demoralised. Now, after the TR90 program, ( i am still doing a second round of it), i feel i am more confident, even colleagues comment that i look much more radiant than before.