Mummies, please be warned.

Me & hubby went to Mothercare Centrepoint branch at around 8PM to look for beddings & cots. While walking going to the baby bottle area after checking the cots, my husband was telling me to be careful as I've been having some series of braxton hicks since this afternoon & having a hard time walking as well (Do take note that I'm also 38weeks pregnant). Before reaching the baby bottle section, I never knew my husband saw that THE FLOOR IS WET, hence telling me to be careful. The next thing I knew, I fell flat on my butt! One of the SA's approached me after seeing me fall BUT didn't even apologized nor sound apologetic when I pointed out the WET FLOOR & PUTTING A WARNING SIGNAGE atleast to warn customers! And this happened in a store catering to mummies & pregnant women. Wet floor on a mummy/baby store is a big NO-NO.

So far, no bleedings but my tummy feels so much heavier after I slipped, & lower abdomen area is painful from time to time. I'm really hoping my little one is still safe inside despite of my fall. Hubby told me to rest as much as possible till tuesday. Can't go out, nor do chores. My next check up is still on thursday but I will be seeing my gynae earlier if ever I feel any further discomforts that my fall might cause & to make sure my baby's safe.

This isn't the first time I had a bad experience with their SA's but with what happened earlier I know it's time for these people to get what they deserve. Currently, I already filed for a complain thru their company website & facebook page & also sending a mail to their head office itself, hoping their management will do action on this. I'm indeed VERY upset not only with their poor customer service but their staff's negligence on how to make a "baby" store a safe place atleast for mummies & pregnant women like me to roam around!