BEWARE of services from
All mothers please beware of the service provider of this company.

I signed up a confinement nanny service with this company recently and had a very bad experience with them. The lady in charge was Ms Manissa Hp no 81014039 who is also a massage therapist. Ms Manissa charged me $2600 for 30days for 24hrs service but she never keep to her word. She assigned a nanny, Ms Lyna who is very problematic and has many personal problems. Always have issues at home and cannot work. On 2 occasions during my confinement period, I asked Ms Manissa for replacement because the nanny,Ms Lyna had to leave to attend to personal matters. As written in the contract, Manissa has to replace but did not do so.

After 3 weeks, the nanny ran away in the middle of the night and did not inform me or my husband. We woke up to our babies cries and she was missing. She left my babies unattended. Very irresponsible an unreliable! When I inform Ms Manissa to replace or refund she just ignore me till today! How rude!
Instead of confronting me, she told her boyfriend or some guy, Mr Raden to talk to me to tell me that the contract has ended. I didn't even sign a contract with this guy. He may be some crook for all I know.

Before receiving her payment she came over to my house a few days after i came home from hospital acting like she is visiting me and concern about me. IN reality, she just want her money. After she received her money and the nanny started giving me problems, Ms Manissa just hide and dont't even have the courtesy to come to my house and apologise or confront us to provide a solution. Instead, she just hide and ignore us and arrogantly said her company is still very good. She still advertise for her massages.

Until today, Ms Manissa still owes me money for the days that the nanny disappear and did not come to work. Ms Manissa is truly a bad service provider. Only nice before receiving $$. Not a sincere person and definitely not trustworthy.

I signed up with her thinking that maybe can give a try to a Malay company cos I prefer Malay cooking during my confinement. Unfortunately, this particular Malay lady and her friends or employees are an embarrassment to the Malay community. Not only she took our $$ she also gave me stress and no rest. Instead of resting, I have more work to attend to.

Ms Manissa also provides massages. She is a a certified therapist but with an attitude like that I will NOT recommend anyone to sign up with her. The company address she gave also doesn't exist. Not sure if she actually has an office or not. I think she has an Ali Baba company.