I am 28 weeks pregnant for 2nd baby. Due on Feb 14th. 1st girl was c-section in 2005 in India. Now I have 5 yrs gap. I am consulting dr. Sadha natrajan in Kandang Kerbau Hospital.
When I asked I wanted to go for VBAC she said, it is up to you to take risk.
She didnt give me any positive words to take up VBAC without fear. She told about utrine rapture and babies brain will be affected. we cannot say whose utrine is raptured etc.....

Every time I used to tell her I wanted to go for Normal. If not possible last moment you can take me for c-section. She used to say your wish.

But now me and My hubby decided to go for some dr who is first willing to conduct VBAC.

Please can anyone suggest any doctors in any hospital who has conducted VBAC. I am so worried when I think of my delivery. After 5 yrs gap if I cannot try for normal delviery in singapore I feel very bad.