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her intake is 120ml, 180ml once each day at 12+pm and night time is 90ml.
Hi January 84,

We have the same EDD 13th Jan, but i delivered my boy at Thomson Medical Center on 09.01.2009 by c-session. Wanted natural but doc suggest c-session as baby weight is increasingly..Weight at birth is 3.8kg.. Care to share more baby feeding time? Does your boy wake up middle of the night for milk feeding? I always feed him around 2am (100 ml) and he will tends to wake up at 4am, 6am,8am plus for milk again. .

You think is it too frequent for baby at 3 months 2 weeks at night for milk??? Most of my friends baby doesn't wake uo middle of the night. As i need to work, i find it too tiring..My mum say prob baby enjoy sucking...

9pm plus - breastmilk (approx 120ml)
1am plus - formula 100 ml
4am plus - latch on 1 breast
6am plus - latch on 1 breast
8plus - formula 120ml