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hi cony, thanks for your reply.

No my son not attending any playgroup or nursery yet.. Only plan to send him when he's 18 months old.
I did let him play with my friends kids who are older, but instead of walking he prefer to crawl cos its faster.
I guess I should just go with his flow and give him more time.

As for adult food I did try let him self feed which he can't do yet, he would play with the food.
He will taste once or twice and play with them. Ya I should think more positively abit since my boy eat his meal well and baby meal is healthier. Instead of salf I usually melt cheese or grind anchovies for flavour, you might wanna try them.

My boy got 8 teeth now but seems like he's not using them much. He's lazy to chew.. Sigh..
Hi HoneyLicious, thanks for the advice! I'll try to add cheese.
It's interesting, what play group are you planning to send your son in 18 mo? Have you already started looking for?