great and estimable
These are great and estimable. We mean jimmy choo ugg not to say they are necessarily derivable from a participation Timberland of the Ordinance: The Ordinance is appointed for 4 the Faithjut only ; and by the Faithful only are 4 the body and blood of Christ verily and indeed taken and re¬ceived in the Lord's Supper.' To those, then, who worthily partake of it, there is derived
(1.) A stronger faith. In our present state of imper¬fect being, we are creatures of
Timberland Boots sense. Any thing visi¬ble and tangible, therefore, makes a much more durable impression on our minds than mere abstract jimmy choo truths or spiritual things. Hence, when we see the bread broken and the wine poured out, we can more sensibly realize the facts implied—the body and blood of Jesus Christ broken and poured out jimmy choo shoes for sin. Our faith Cheap Timberland Boots becomes Cheap Timberland Boots " the evidence of things not seen." And as we exercise it on the work, the life, the death, the resurrection, and the love of Jesus Christ, our faith "growsand, in some favoured seasons, it " grows exceedingly." The Holy Spirit especially blesses meditation on " the cross of Christ" to our " furtherance and joy of faith." Like as Abraham after he had offered the ram in sacrifice in the stead of his Son, was " strong in faith, giving glory to God;" so the Christian Worshipper, after a worthy participation of the commemorative Supper of the Lord, " waxes stronger and stronger." He becomes more simply and entirely dependent upon " the dying of the Lord Jesus." With lessening hesitation he grounds his eternal all upon the atonement of the Son of God. He herein receives Timberland Outlet evident and sensible pledges of his Saviour's loye. His faith becomes to him " a substance" —a felt reality, the worth of which is " far more pre¬cious than of gold that perisheth." This is one benefit connected with a believing participation of the body and blood of our Saviour, Christ.