have witnessed
Angels and men, yea, the Lord of both, have witnessed your " professed subjection" to Jesus Christ: With holy solemnity you have taken " the cup of salvation and called upon the Name of the Lord." Now, then, you pause: You look upward to the world where your Redeemer dwells, and you feel, perhaps, that to depart and to be with Timberland Outlet Christ, would be " far better" than to sojourn longer here: You look inward on yourselves, and behold, with humble and adoring thankfulness, what great things God hath done for you : Timberland Contented, if it be his will to " abide in the flesh" and therein to serve your day and generation, you look around you here and enquire how you shall jimmy choo best fulfil your duties; how most consistently " pay that ye have vowed ;" how most effectually, amidst the necessary cares and businesses of life, keep Cheap Timberland Boots alive the ardour of affection which divine grace has kindled within you; how, in short, you may " adorn in all jimmy choo ugg things the Doctrine of God our Saviour." In this state of calm tranquillity and sober joy, the question— " What jimmy choo shoes shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me f"—naturally presents itself. Accommoda¬ting the text to our purpose, let us consider
I. The benefits connected with a due reception of the Lord's Supper. And II.
Timberland Boots The duties immediately resulting from our participation of it.
We are to consider
I. The BENEFITS connected with a due reception of the Lords Supper.