Hi mummies,

I tried using Purifier with aroma essence(eucalpytus & lavender) after my son cant sleep well whenever he has flu. It works, at least he can sleep well after medication.

Hubby who is recover from his asthma relapse told me he feel very confortable whenever i turn on the purifier too.

I use this occassionally to prevent or relief flu-like symptoms too

Recently there is mozzies around especially during rainy season. I use Citronella reed sticks in the play room and son's room 1 hour before his bed time. No more mozzies bite.

These are not expensive items but helps alot in my daily life in taking care of my son and hubby as well as my sinus problem. Im not owner of the business just sharing my experience and if you require the pricing or additional information, feel free to pm me or email me at kireihui@hotmail.com

E.G. i bought the purifier with ionizer @ S$35/- 250ml refill @ S$20/-. Reed set and refill is S$25/- + S$20/- but they last me 2-4 months. A trip to pediatrician would have cost me S$150/- every month + heartache to see how my son resist medication so much