I'm one of the current participants of Thomson Medical Centre prenatal class 'cos I've heard good reviews about Mrs Wong and her classes. I must say the classes are informative albeit a little info overload.

I'm instead utterly disappointed in their administration. Apparently, they have my dates for the classes and doctor's talk all mixed up. They gave me a set of dates which are different from their own records! So, I was given a date for the doctor's talk that does not exist! When I rushed to the talk (SCGS) together with my husband in the evening after work in the hot sun, I was told that there was no talk. Imagine my surprise and irritation! They've caused me alot of inconveniences and all they can say when I called them up was 'we are sorry' - that's their service for you.

Well, if they can err on something as serious as IVF, I wonder what else they're capable of. I'm just glad I'm not delivering in this hospital.