Protect your children's eye from long hours of ipad,flashstorysg
Protect the kids eyes from long hours of staring Ipad,
Mini Home wall projector (55inches big screen on the ceiling or any smooth surface)with thousands of cartoons stored in already,half Chinese,half English,suitable for age 0-9,teaching good manners,colours,shapes,animals.
with a USB on the machine,you can literately store anything you like into the projector and put it on the wall for the whole family to watch,
cheap home cinema entertainment for children at home,
It is fantastic for travelling,as the machine is the size of a fist!!

newly arrived in Singapore
Promotion price is $499,comes with 1 year warranty,and home delivery.
for more videos to understand how this machine works,

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please contact miss yang at 91199270 or 66499214 for more details,