I had gastric problems since 10, Was not very serious until recent weeks.
previously my attacks are mild bearable and medication can help. Attacks has never been often. May as in 1 or 2 yearly.
For my 1st and 2nd pregnancy i also have mild attacks. But tis time round the pain is tormenting. Super unbearable.
I suspecting is not just gastric pain.
My 1st serious attack was 2 weeks ago in office. I took mac muffin breakfast and hot tea at 9am that day and pain came in at 11am. But was relieved after taking Hydrosil ( a gastric med ), and vomit the acid out with the med.
Usually i m not a regular meal taker. But since yr 08 as i work in office hours i take my lunch regularly and when ever i pregnant i never skip breakfast. So my gastric hardly attack when i m pregnant, except my 2nd pregnancy cos i had morning sickness unable to eat. But only attack me 1 or 2 times and very mild type.
My 2nd and 3rd excruciating gastric pain attack for my tis pregnancy was ytd. 930am 1 attack last for 15 to 30mins. 2nd attack at 234am last for hours.
Any advice to help me from getting anymore attacks?? My last 2 attacks medication cant help anymore. The med i prefer and fast acting 1 is too strong for me to take now ( the med was for stomach ucler as told by my office panel doc so not suitable for preggy ). Now the med i take totaly no effects