Shipping & handling Fees

I will use this conversion rate: USD1 = SGD1.4
handling fee will be $1 per item
Free EMS shipping if cap (USD200/150000yen ) is reached

2nd Payment for local postage: to be advised
will depend on the weight of your items.
normal postage $0.50 onwards
registered postage add $2.50
order format
Email add:
handphone number:

Item 1
Item name:
Item Url
Price in USD:

Item 2
Item code:
Item Url
Price in USD:

Total price in USD:
Total amt payable [(Total price in USD)*14 + $1*no of item] =
Mode of delivery: normal postage/registered postage

Payment Details
ATM transfer
Amount transferred:
Transaction date & time:
Transaction reference no.: