Hello to all mums who delivered via C-section,

Would you be able to share your current wound situation, and how do you find your overall strength? For me it's been 15 months already, my wound appears very raised and is still red. Not bright red, but more medium-dark red. It's also quite a long scar, going across almost the entire width of my womb (lower part) from left to right. I'm quite surprised by the length, at ante-natal classes I understood it was going to be a relatively short wound.

Recently quite itchy especially at night. On the outside it has healed. But I find that if I have been standing for a long time for more than 1.5-2hrs (e.g. cooking, doing housework), I feel like I have to sit down already to have a rest as the abdomen area and upper thighs feel tired/no strength, starts to feel a strain. Resulting in me also feeling tired overall.

How to regain strength in the abdomen area? Or is it always going to be like that as it's a major op? I have not tried applying anything over the wound area. I wonder if I may have over-strained my wound shortly after the op.