Dear All,

I'm moving in to my in-laws place in December, the house is too small to accomodate my beloved dogs..a golden retrevier, about 8years old & a silky terrier,about 10 years old..hate to leave them at their age, as they have been with me for years, but I got no choice and I will NEVER bring them to SPCA as I believe they will be put to sleep as they are of old age..
I was hoping some kind families out there who are willing to adopt them despite their age, as they are still in very good health, they go for yearly vaccination and check up. I really hope that they can be well taken care of and be in good hands.

They are faithful and great companions to families and children, bringing joy in the families.
Anyone who is interested, please feel free to contact me at 96754168 or Please also help to spread this info to all dog lovers..

Thank you.

Crossing my fingers