The baby sitter that stay at Yishun blk 235 chinese malaysian in her late 30s her name jenny or something isnt very trust worthy, when i put my child there for short term i start seeing red deep rashes on her body certain areas.i confronted her and she rudely deny it as her son was very naughty and . It was neligence and irresponsible to push and my account was also hacked tht day and spam mails send out which was an offence to do that. She also rudely ask her husband to threaten me to return the copy of her ic which was essential for the was really very scary and unkind of her.
My second exp was with an auntie at Yishun blk 201 she was very lazy and irresponsible and even lazy to wash the napkins and often sturbborn to listen to simple instructions for the safety of my child. Once she cut a deep red bruise on my child toes and was often impatient.
cannot trust online nannies this days even if they are cheap as the consequences could be disatrous.