Dear mummies/daddies,

I am posting on behalf of my mother. She is a nanny/ babysitter with more than 20 years of experience in babysitting and child care, that is her only and her best expertise. Over the 20 to 30 years of babysitting, she took care of about 14 children or more. As the kid she was babysitting for 2 years went back to China recently, she is sourcing for another kid/toddler to look after. Unable to complete her education in her younger days, my mother speaks Mandarin and basic English. Due to limitations in language, my mother seeks to only babysit children preferably from a Chinese speaking family or at least be able to understand mandarin. For single parents out there who need to work long hours and unable to take care of their children, or have no one to take care of their child/children, my mother is offering her babysitting services at a reasonable budget. You can be at ease that your child/children is under good care and supervision in a loving environment while you are at work.

Previously, the kid that was left under the care of my mum at our home for 5.5 days a week (overnight, 24 hours a day), my mum charge her mother at $800/month. This is just a rough gauge for your budget. The price is negotiable, depending on weather you want to leave your child with us overnight or bring him/her home every night, the age of your child, activities of your child ( e.g. tuition, dance classes etc), any special diets or healthcare needs etc. For more information, you can pm me or contact my mother directly at 81230569 (leave a sms or call speaking in mandarin).

Thank you for your kind attention.