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Is this called Tele-Stalking???

This is a discussion on Is this called Tele-Stalking??? within the Mummy Cafe forum, part of the Community Lounge category; Have you ever encountered the following??? It was the school holidays & my 9 years old niece (Fanny) wanted me ...

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    Is this called Tele-Stalking???

    Have you ever encountered the following???

    It was the school holidays & my 9 years old niece (Fanny) wanted me to bring her out. So I asked her where do you want to go & she said Sentosa. So I said fine, better go & ask your mummy first. Approval was given.

    On that day, I went to her house in the morning to bring her there. We ate lunch at Vivo & she said she had to call her mother to inform her where she is now. I thought that was reasonable, so I called on her behalf. Her mother did not answer the phone. Instead it was her older sister (17 years old) who answered. So I told her that we were now at Vivo water playground & will be proceeding to Sentosa shortly. When she heard that, immediately she got alarmed & asked me to pass the phone to Fanny. She asked Fanny if the water was deep or not & Fanny replied no, the deepest water reaches only below her knee.

    When we were about to enter Underwater World, I received a sms from her sister again asking where we were. So I said we are going into Underwater World soon.

    Then when we were at a monorail station waiting for the tram to come, again, she called me & asked where were we. So I said we are waiting for the tram at the monorail station.

    When we were on the way home, at Harbourfront MRT to be exact, she called me again & asked where were we. This time, I got really pissed off & asked her "shen me shi?" (what's up)? before passing the phone to Fanny. Actually, I had wanted to say "@#$^*!!!" but I had to control myself.

    I believed all these tracking were done at her mother's instruction. I mean, come on, why do you not trust a 27 years old adult??? It is not as if the person bringing your daughter out is 7 years old! And please, please, please, YOU have been to the waterpark at Vivo before & YOU know how shallow the water there is since YOU have seen it before. So why were you so alarmed when I said Fanny was playing in the water??? Even if you have never been there before, should not you trust an adult who is already 27 to know whether the waterpark is safe for Fanny or not??? And for goodness' sake, STOP sms-ing me/calling me every now & then to spot check on our wherabouts!!! If you dont't trust me, then please dont't let me bring Fanny out!!! And in the first place, dont even allow her to ask me to bring her out! (Bearing in mind that I was not the one who suggested the outing). So sickening!!! Since then, I have never said anything about bringing Fanny out during the holidays unless she herself specifically said so. Otherwise, I dont't see why I should subject myself to all that nonsense!

    Ok, vent over.
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    Re: Is this called Tele-Stalking???

    chill chill.
    guess ya sis is just worry about her daughter.
    well, maybe just mention to her n reassure her that you as an adult can take care of her girl .

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    Re: Is this called Tele-Stalking???

    It is very irritating......though I am a mummy, when my mom secretly took my son out, I was at first worried, then a bit angry at my mom for bringing my son out without telling me......but later on I realised tht if I dont allow her to bring my son out, mayb there is no next time......and he would miss out on the love tht his grandma is showering on him......

    Your sister should learn to let go.......

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    Re: Is this called Tele-Stalking???

    my cousin trusted me to bring my nephews out alone with my husband (at that time boyfriend onli).
    i was 19yr old and my nephews were 2yo and 9yo. i tink your sis gotta learn to let go so that her kid will be more sociable and able to adapt easily.

    it could also be the sister that's worried (cos if someone bring my sis out, i'll keep smsing my sis to check where she was cos i was worried).

    guess nxt time dont bring her out alone unless you state clearly that if they allow means they trust you. and give them a full itenary before you bring the gal out

    dont get upset over this k? at most nxt time dont bring her out. no need to be upset
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