I thought it might be useful to share some knowledge of which chemical ingredients to avoidin body care products, especially for kids, to make informed decisions.

The label "all natural" in reality may not always denote a safe, chemical-free product. So, I think we as consumers should be aware of that when looking for all natural body care for kids There are quite a of number of commercially known products which have made claims to be natural; but, when analyzed further, these products are not as natural as they claim to be.

The best way to determine if the product is safe and all natural is to check them out by ourselves. To be safe try and avoid all of the following list of chemical ingredients which are repeatedly found in body care products:

  1. Bronopol, or 2-BROMOM-2-NITROPROPANE-1,3-DIOL. This chemical is described as an allergen that can form cancer-causing chemicals.
  2. BHA- or Butylated Hydroxyanisole; the National Library of Medicine HazMap has flagged this ingredient as a human immune system toxicant; it has been banned as unsafe.
  3. DMD HYDANTON, also characterized as an allergen that can form cancer-causing chemicals.
  4. OXYBENZONE established as an allergen that can damage cells and DNA through the promotion of free radicals.
  5. TRICLOSAN found and tested to be an endocrine disruptor and can cause the disruption of growth hormones via the thyroid.
  6. BORIC ACID and SODIUM BORATE also found and tested to be an endocrine disruptor and it is specifically established as unsafe for infants by industry experts.
  7. DIBUTYL PHTHALATE TOLUENE concerns about this product include neurotoxicity, cancer and endocrine disruption. It has been banned and found unsafe for cosmetic products.
  8. METHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE and METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE are allergens that can cause neurotoxicity.
  9. IODOPROPYL BUTYLCARBAMATE has chemical properties similar to neurotoxic pesticides.
  10. BENXYL ALCOHOL or ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL there are concerns that this product can cause skin irritation and neurotoxicity,
  11. CETEARETH and PEG Compounds extra care is necessary to prevent its use on damaged skin.
  12. TRIETHANOLAMINE is included among those that are considered as allergens that can form cancer-causing chemicals.
  13. Ingredients that should be generally avoided, particularly in grooming and body care products for kids include Fragrance, Fluoride and Dyes.

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