Enjoy a free Baby & Me class: Harbridge Star Academy is conducting a training session for our overseas trainers & we need babies together with a parent to attend & give us feedback on the class.

Date & Time: 01 August 2014 (Friday), 14:45pm
Location: Sports Lifestyle Initiative, 3500A Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159837
Age range: Babies & Toddlers between 06 months - 12 months old, accompanied by 1 parent

What to expect:

Meet other parents & babies in a fun environment! Our class will last between 30 min - 45 min in total & will be led by our HSA educator. There will be 3 trainee teachers observing the class.

After the class, we would like your feedback about what you enjoyed / what can be improved. We will be focusing on baby gross motor movement together with music. Class will be conducted in English but non-English speakers are welcome to attend!

This is a training & market research study, not a sales promotion.

14:45pm - Babies & parents gather in our air-conditioned classroom & begin introductions
15:00pm - Cuddle & Bounce Class
15:35pm - Feedback from parents about the class
15:45pm - End

You can contact me directly at noricq@hotmail.com or reply to this thread for more info!