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  • 1 Post By Naangfaa

Dealing With Mum Since My Daughter Passed Away

This is a discussion on Dealing With Mum Since My Daughter Passed Away within the Mummy Cafe forum, part of the Community Lounge category; Hi everyone! First off, Happy New Year AND Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I know that the topic ...

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    Dealing With Mum Since My Daughter Passed Away

    Hi everyone!

    First off, Happy New Year AND Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I know that the topic that I will post may be a little off, especially now that we are (supposedly) enjoying New Year and heart's day. But I feel that it is my moral obligation and responsibility to share the story of one of our members who asked me to post this topic for her. She badly needs our support, so I am hoping that there would be some of you who can shed some light. Here is her story:

    Hi Sarah,

    I really need to vent...It's embarrassing and sad, but my mum hasn't dealt with the loss of my girl passing away well at all. And it makes my recovery harder.

    Does anyone else have experiences of family or friends having difficulty dealing with your loss?

    She's such a stressed person, she makes me stressed just being in her company. I've found myself supporting her far more than she has been able to support me.

    Today she's sent me an email criticising me for putting up an update (6months ago) to notify my contacts of the events leading to our baby's passing. She would have been told by someone else as she isn't on facebook. It was well written and very appropriate. I have not't been back since then so its the only thing currently on my page. Her suggestion is : 'time to move on'.... 'we all suffered a loss that day'.

    Oh and by the way...i nearly died during labour. I am just so irritated. I dont't want to hurt her (like she has hurt me), but i feel like i should send her a list of do's and dont'ts so she doesn't stick her foot in it.

    It's easy to forget that family and friends aren't guaranteed to know what to say.

    I need everyone's advice on this. Please make me anonymous as my other friends may see and tell it to my mum. Thanks.


    It's time for us to be of help, Mums (and Dads)!

    Sarah Gurbuxani-Carpio

    sarah.carpio@mummysg.com or

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    Worthy Lady Naangfaa's Avatar
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    Firstly, my deepest condolences for the loss of the baby. It has never been easy dealing with the demise of your loved ones..at least for me.

    Newae, back to e situation. I feel that there might be a lack of communication between daughter and her mum, be it generally or about baby's passing.

    From my counselling background, I understand that different people face/handle grief differently and in this instance, mum may have chosen (perhaps subconsciously) to put up such a front in order to be strong for her daughter.

    It's difficult to share coz I dont really know e actual situation but maybe mum has her own emotional baggages from the death of baby that she never did deal with completely and maybe also that's the reason why she felt that daughter should have not posted the update as she sees it as a family matter and should be kept private.

    Mum and daughter should talk it out amicably and maybe it will help to go for counselling together as the counsellor will be able to act as the facilitator and middleman as both mum and daughter are guided to walk through their emotions and overcome their grief gradually. Just my humble opinion..
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