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This is a discussion on Depression within the Mummy Cafe forum, part of the Community Lounge category; recently i have few friends like dat, i donno why caused that but i ask dem to see doctor dey ...

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    recently i have few friends like dat, i donno why caused that but i ask dem to see doctor dey dont want.. what should i do? heard fm her she keep having quarrels with dear husband n stress wen kids keep on crying, do that really cause depression? as friends what can we do then just listening to her problems? one of dem dont even wanna admit but i have seen her break down of me quite some time, how to help her? i worried what if someday anything happen to e kids? tats bad huh, advice pls..
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    Re: Depression

    actually ppl who have depression will normally say they dont have it n deny it coz they themselves dont realise they have depression until they see the doc n doc LET them understand their situation.

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    Re: Depression

    No advices here, just sharing!

    I had depressions thrice!

    1st during the 1st job after poly.. I felt mismatched to the job as just green into the working society and asked to head a section. Really cannot cope! Well, I applied for teaching training again and was rejected as my EL1 is D7 twice.. So I remained in the same company but requested to be posted to another department.. Very soon, I developed super serrious acne problems! Went acupuncture, 15 over needles on my face but no help. At work, stress! At home, I would not even clean myself after work, just walk straight to my 'leisure' chair and sit and watch tv and sleep in it.. Everyday is like torture. Even when out with friends, esp movies, I felt asleep at the show even while having coffee with them! Serious right?! I seek help at the GP and was given some sleeping pills I supposed. Tried only one! Wah! I slept so deeply. Can hear the phone ring but just couldn't wake up! Scary!

    2nd time: straight after my dad's death! I felt so guilty as I didn't spent much quality time with him while he's alive! Seek the GP and was given pills.. Well that time, kept them aside as I was taking care of my 9mo boy so if sleep like the 1st time, how to take care of him?

    3rd time: when my 2nd one is around 17mo, very fond of crying, quite a grest differences to the 1st baby. Felt very trapped at home! Wanted to work but after calculating, really no point working as 2 to go childcare is so high in the fees , then end up nothing much to supplement the household. Not much friends and no internet and forum access then. And relationship with my husband wasn't smooth that time too. This time is really serious ! Lying on the bed, thinking about Suicide and Divorce. Kept asking my husband to let me go, set me free! sigh! Me very bad then !

    Later on, when I visited a specialist about my thyroid lump, and when I shared my history of depression etc.. He told me the 3rd time may be very much a combination of my family/marriage situation and my drastic weight loss (I lost 20kg in 2 months approx 1/2 year before the D).. My weight bounced back during the D.

    Sorry that I shared and side track all the above! D is really not a peroid that all can understand and not something I wanna go thru again anymore! Praise GOD! I'm healed and delivered! As much as I empathise with all who went thru such periods of their lives, one thing I observed is self-denial! Not only D, many self-denial (denying to be in that situation), other occasion like when people says we sensitive, we'll be upset and clamp up and argue why pple say so etc.. Well, nobody like to be labelled as Depressive and Sensitive etc. But to be truthful to myself is real important to me! Then I can be in a good position to self-evaluated or allow GOD to help to convince me of all my wrongs and sins. And this is really not easy and it hurts! Truth usually hurts! Agree?

    How to help people who are depressed! Hmm.. Be normal to them. Being too nice to them will pamper them and hence they'll be having more difficulty to bounce back into normal. Be too harsh and they may fall deeper into it! Encourage to seek "Mental SPA" - professional help asap..

    It's really not easy to handle a depressed person! My family : husband, 2 kids and my mommy all suffer!!

    All the above are Just My Humble Opinion (JMHO)!!

    Thanks to all who have brightened my life! I thank GOD for you all as GOD sent gifts! Linking up to internet is part of the key reason I was out! But be careful as in this virtual world, many may not be as truthful as we think of them! Do not be too engross or takingthings to personal and end up depressed!

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