Hi ladies!! i'd like to share my experience with IUI and i want to ask if there is anyone with similar story as mine.

I was diagnose with PCOS few years back with insulin resistance. It's been 5 yrs that we are trYing to conceive without any assisted reproduction then finally this March 2015 we decided to do IUI. I've been on Gonal F injections since cycle day 2 then slowly my OBgyn increases the dosage because she doesn't want a lot of follicles to be triggered. I was monitored every week for the prognosis of my follicles and we keep on waiting for the right time for my trigger shot. Only 1 follicle got its way to be matured enough (about 18-20mm) for the trigger shot. After 2 days i received HCG injection then less than 48hrs, I did the insemination. After the procedure my OBgyn gave me a Progesterone suppository for 2 weeks to help with process of getting pregnant.
The 2 weeks wait is driving me nuts!!!! I keep on praying that it will go smoothly. On the 3-4rth day post IUI i got symptoms of hot flashes, slight abdominal cramps, sore boobs until the 9th day. Then on the 10th day my sore boobs got even worst, its feels really heavy and very sensitive., tummy cramps are more intense. i felt like im going to have my menses soon. I bought pregnancy test and it was negative. Thinking its too early and inconclusive so i'll just repeat after 5 days. Unfortunately and unexpectedly my menses came on the 11th day Post IUI. 😔😔. At first i thought it was spotting because its light pink and i only notice when i wiped. Then in the evening heavy bleeding started and abdominal cramps until today. I thought i cannot have period because i was taking progesterone. I called the clinic and my OB said to continue the progesterone until i see her this coming saturday.
i was hopeless and thinking its already a bust.
Tomorrow i will do a blood test to see what maybe the cause. I've never had early menses before. my menseses are unpredictable becoz of PCOS.

Does anyone did an IUI then heavly bleed before the 2 weeks wait? Any recommendations? thanks a lot.