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Gall Bladder Infection - anyone?

This is a discussion on Gall Bladder Infection - anyone? within the Mummy Cafe forum, part of the Community Lounge category; Anyone has Gall Bladder Infection and have removed the gall bladder cos stones was forming?? Please share your experience and ...

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    Gall Bladder Infection - anyone?

    Anyone has Gall Bladder Infection and have removed the gall bladder cos stones was forming?? Please share your experience and how you feel after your gall bladder was removed. thanks.

    I have this pain on my abdominal towards the end of my confinement. It's on the top right side of my abdominal and will spread to the back. At first, thought as gas from after birth - so drink ginger tea, take food containing ginger and also vinegar pig trotters.

    Then one day, the pain was so bad that I turned pale and my body turned cold, my hubby brought me to see the nearest GP and he gave me some medicine to take. It recovers after a while.

    But on 31 Dec 2009, 9pm plus.. the pain came back again - and the medication doesn't make the pain subsides. In fact, it was so painful that i am rolling on bed. Just after the New Yr day countdown, I couldnt stand the pain anymore and hubby sent me to A&E at NUH and from the sympton, Doc initial diagnosis could be gall bladder infection. However, i cleared the urine and blood test - and was told she will treat as Gastritis first. I was given pain killer via drip and after the pain subside, it was about 4am in the morning. I was being sent home and was asked not to breastfeed for the next 16hours.

    Then I was referred to a Specialist on 14 Jan - however when I went, the so-called Specialist (Indian Nationality) didn't do anything to me, he just press press my tummy and cos I wasn't in pain, he uses the A&E's doc's diagnosis and gave me some gastric medicine and panadol and sent me home with another date of review in coming Feb. He also told me to check with my Gynae if it was any effect due to after birth.

    I had my Gynae appointment few days later for my pap smear test, so i used that opportunity to check with my gynae on this. Her 1st reaction was.. "No, there wasn't any link!"... Anyway, to play safe, she refer me for a gall bladder scan. The scan showed that there were indeed stones forming oredi. And the wall has thickened due to the irritation. Gynae adviced me to go back to NUH specialist and see what they wanna do with me. I was very upset with NUH's so called specialist. He sent me home without proper diagnosing and just simply uses the A&E report.

    Anyway, I'm now also wondering if my gall stone has speed up forming due to the vinegar pig trotters that I took during my confinement. sigh - cos normally I also didn't really take a lot of fatty stuffs. Anyone has this problem - particularly after birth?

    And share your experience on gall bladder removal, if you have encountered before. Are you staying away from fatty food totally?

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    Re: Gall Bladder Infection - anyone?


    Now my niece is 17 yrs old, she has her gall bladder removed when she was age less then 10. if i dont remember wrongly, she started with on and off fever for some time. She was brought to Mt. Alvenia hospital to have blood test, x-ray etc and could not diagnosis anything. Till one day, my sister insisted the doc to do a x-ray or scan on the gall bladder and found stones

    The doc suggested to remove the stones and gall bladder. it was done through a small surgery, opened 3 small holes on her stomach to remove the stone and gall bladder. after the surgery, rested for 2 days and was discharged.

    My sister used to stay with in law, they (in-law) used a lot oil in the cooking. Now they (my sis family) staying on their own, totally cut down on oily food.

    if you want to know more, i can always check with my sister and update you again.

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