OSHOSHA certification is globally recognised and has importance. Employers seek for persons with the osha certification. There are many professional certification programs such as specialist in safety and health (SSH), certified safety and health official (CSHO), Safety, health and environmental professional (SHEP), master certification (MC). OSHA certification is important and has high validity. The master certification is procured in many steps. Choose from safety and health, environmental or risk management and earn your SHEP certifications, then complete the management systems design course and three electives from selected Master certification disciplines to get the master certificate. HAZWOPER or hazardous waste operations and emergency response is certified by OSHA. It deals with disposal of hazardous wastes. There are various regulation s about the disposal of harmful wastes. There are drainage systems implemented to dispose the wastes without polluting the environment. Dumping wastes in to the water bodies is toxic and pollutes the entire stream of water and it cannot be used for human consumption. OSHA a federal agency and its certification is important. Individuals and organisations are striving to obtain the certification and progress with their career. OSHA certification is also provided based on the adherence to OSHA standards. Industries and organisations that adhere to OSHA standards are provided OSHA certification and they can progress in their career. Employers should ensure that their organisations adhere to OSHA standards and are certified. They should also employ persons with qualifications recognised and certified by OSHA in their organisations.