Hi Mummies,

I've just given birth in May and have a confinement lady whom I would highly recommend! She's engaged for June and September but you can keep her in mind if you are looking for a CF nanny.

Her name is Aunty Chun Lan, a Malaysian and is really great with her cooking, baby care and genuinely have a love for babies. I'm a first time mummy at age 37 and she's such a great help especially during the nights. I got her number through my sister's colleague who had her as her cf last year and I booked her in this year jan for my delivery in May.

She nursed me back to good health, guided me through some depression which I had after my natural birth and took such care of my son baby Jet who was born earlier at 37 weeks and is a slow eater and had some chronic ailments.

This lead me to recommend her services :-)

Her number is (local no):90381368 or the malaysian number: +60 12 7261198

If you have any queries, drop me a line and I'll be happy to talk further :-)