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My friend will be teaching a simple exercise routine this saturday. I have learnt and get my children involved to do the simple exercise routine for better health eg better immune system, lesser cold and cough etc...

Information as follows:-

Dear friends,

If your new year wish is to be happier and healthier, LOHAS-ME (LOHAS Meridian Exercise) might be the
first thing you would like to learn.


LOHAS-Meridian Exercise (LOHAS-ME) is a simple and effective exercise routine that enhances your body transport system (meridian systems)
so that you have more energy and vitality (Qi).
Our body meridian system is a sophisticated transport system (something similar to MRT systems) that interconnect
our body vital organs and outer surface.

Practising LOHAS-ME can be comprehended as regular maintenance to our body transportation system so it becomes more efficient.

We can have lots of healthy food but what is the use if our body is not able to absorb the nutrient properly?
Thus, it is important to make sure our body transport system works efficiently to absorb and transport the nutrient.

LOHAS-ME can also compliment many other exercises so that we can perform better and it only takes 5~10 mins a day.

"5 Mins A Day, Happy and Healthy Always" is our motto.

The simple routine has helped many participants improve in many of their health area, such as better digestive system,
lesser aches and pains, improve quality of sleep, relieve constipation and bloated stomach, overweight and underweight.

Regular practising LOHAS-ME also help us avoid common cold and flu and better flexibility.

More info at LOHAS MERIDIAN EXERCISE Introductory Class

What our past participants feedback?
"I've been practicing the routine daily and my digestive systems has improve, I no longer feel bloated easily, much better bowel movement.
Most of all, my spleen and lips color has improved", Lek Inn, Nov 2011

"After practicing the routine, especially on the knee area, I am more flexible now", Lina, Principal, Dec 2011

"After practising this daily including the deep breathing techniques, I am able to sleep much better. Most of all, I save $80 per month because
I no longer need to take expensive supplement for my bowel movement", Betty, Freelance Trainer, May 2011

More info at LOHAS MERIDIAN EXERCISE Introductory Class

LOHAS Meridian Exercise Introductory Class
Date: 14 Jan 2011
Time: 10AM - 12PM
Venue: Beacon LOHAS, 11 Sims Drive, #03-04A

Workshop Fee: $15 per pax, $25 per twin pax.
(Limited seats. Small class size for participants better learning experience)

Call/SMS Li Huan (90662770) for enquiry or registration.

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