Hi Members!

Currently my hubby's riding a RXZ but is thinking of getting a Sportbike for leisure while keeping the RXZ for commuting to work/grocery shopping! Getting an Aprilia RS125 is out of the question cuz it's very expensive to maintain! He's thinking of getting a SP but had also heard that the TZM and KIPPS are rather good too! However, many riders say that although the TZM produces the most power, it is also the most prone to engine failure! As for the KIPPS,it's original spare parts are hard to find in SG! Is it true? Hubby have not found out the weakness of the SP yet but knows that it's a really good bike to "play corner" with!

Also, he's wondering if a well-tuned SP is able to outperform a Super 4 at the race tracks? Hubby's rather excited about the opening of the new Changi Race Track, hopefully the track fees are not that expensive!

Any SP/TZM/KIPPS riders out there with advice to spare?