Let me start the ball rolling! Ever since Hubby became a Dad a year plus back, here are some of the major changes to his biking life.

1) Cannot go cruising around Singapore that often cuz he have to help me look after our daughter during his days off.

2) Instead of having the luxury of riding pillion to every outing with hubby, we have to use public transport as our daughter tags along in 99% of these outings.

3) Have to cut down on the pampering of his bike with premium products cuz we need the extra cash to buy milk powder, diapers, etc...

4) Have to push bike at least 20 metres away from the parking lot whenever hubby starts his bike at night. His bike's exhaust noise wakes our daughter up. (We stay at the 2nd storey and the bike lots are quite close to our daughter's room window.)

How about the rest of you guys/gals? How have becoming a parent changed your biking lifestyle?