At times, i wish i do not have any In Laws. Or i should say not having any In Laws who is money minded,speaks ugly and untruthful stuffs,unreasonable,fickle minded,gets jealous easily and naggy.
I envied some of my friends having really wonderful In Laws! They are sweet and nice people!

Not like my In Laws! They are from hell!

Is not a good thing to say old people but they just dont't deserve to be respect!

When people quarrel, ugly words will be heard but dont't they know their limits? dont't they ever consider about other people feelings? "No" they dont't!

For the 1st time, i will still forgive them but not this time!

They blame me for being "too hygiene", blame me saying things like "How come my son only starting to walk at 16 months?" Even blame me for making puree for son to eat!!!And many more nasty words!

This time, the quarrement forms a picture. To her, i am a lousy and lazy wife/mum. Why? because i am not working and did not give her money every month. They even gets jealous when my husband buys groceries for my grandma. When i go back to my mum's place with my son, they are not happy too!

Every 2 to 3 months, she and her husband will pester for my husband and her elder son for money!

Why can't they be contended by receiving house rents and earnings they earn from their food store every month? They are just money minded!!!

I really had enough of them!