HI MUMS! I am new to this site and I am very excited. I used to work full time and was laid off when my economy took a dive. I then got pregnant with my second I wanted to stay home..BUT.. It's too expensive to live where I am so I had to do SOMETHING! I made a very nice income in Big Pharma. How do I replace that.. and QUICK! Then the phone rang from an old Pharma friend. He had told me of another colleague who had left Pharma about 5 years prior and built quite an empire with a network marketing company. I knew about her already. THEN he told me she left that company after spending $30,000 researching other products, systems, companies and, wait for it... COMP PLANS! Very important in these types of businesses. It was for a nutrition, health and wellness company. Being I had about 20 more lbs to lose.. this was a great fit for me just to try and lose the weight. I would see where it went from there. So here I am 21 months later. My organization is 600 strong, I am at the top of the company and I work from my laptop and my cellphone. I answer to no one but me. I have helped HUNDREDS get healthy and feel amazing about themselves. I created my own success and my own wealth. I am very lucky and smart for taking a leap and a chance. I want NOTHING but to share this with other mom's who need to work or even just WANT to work. My company has just launched into Singapore this year and I want to expand and help others succeed. So here I am telling you all my story and I would LOVE the chance to talk more and help those who want to succeed from home.. do so! Feel free to email me. ABMORG@me.com. Thanks SO MUCH! - Andrea