Looking for babies for TV comercial

Hi this is my first time here, my name is Syafiq Ridhwan and I am working for Bruce Dunlop & Associates (BDA), Singapore. We are an Ad agency where we do broadcast design. An example would be an opening of a show or an Ad for MTV. Currently we are having a project by MTV, and we need a baby in that Ad. The short advertisement will promote Anti- Drink and driving. We need a baby to represent this guy when he was a baby.

Baby needs to look a little fair.
And the baby needs to be the most a year old.
So, if you want to move your baby into stardom, you may give us a call.

I hope to hear from alot of mothers here. Thank you. I will leave my company's number and my number for contact. This is quite urgent.

Syafiq Ridhwan - 97597473 (h/p)
Bruce Dunlop & Associates (BDA) - 67323300 (O)

Again, thank you soooo much
Hope to hear from anyone soon.