Hi mums! My name is Sueanne and I'm a freelance producer.

Huggies is looking for active babies to show off a "signature move" in an online compilation video! Whether it's bobbing the head, waving arms, kicking legs, rolling around, or just crawling in that supercute way, we'd like you to submit a home video of your baby! If your video is acceptable we'll give you $100.

A couple of guidelines: when shooting the video, do make sure to hold your camera/phone horizontal, not vertical. Also, wearing Huggies is optional, but make sure that if your baby is wearing a different brand of diapers that it is covered up. Lastly, your baby has to be able to do the move on his/her own. So no mummy or daddy in the background!

Please send your 20-30 second video clips to sueannegrace@gmail.com by 10 August 2013.
You can use wetransfer.com or yousendit.com to send them if the files are too big.

Feel free to PM me or email sueannegrace@gmail.com if you have any questions or need more details!

Thanks for your time!