Dear Stay-Home Moms,

I am a Singaporean Doctoral Researcher with The University of Manchester (UK). Currently, we are recruiting more research Participants for a consumer research on Motherhood and the Identity of Mothers. To date, we already have 7 (seven) Singaporean Moms in our study, and need a few more. The profile is:

1. Singapore-based stay home mothers, age 30 -45;

2. Has prior work (professional) experience;
3. Has been stay at home at least 2 - 5 years;
4. Has at least one child;

The successful participants will be interviewed (informal conversation) at a place and time of your convenience. At the end of the interview, Participants will receive a token of appreciation (S$ 100) for contributing to this Consumer Research.

If you are keen, please reply by SMS to (65) 9626-5321 with your name and email. We will send further information about this Study via email.

If you know anyone that fits this profile and may be keen to participate, please kindly refer this to her. Many thanks in advance.

Have a Blessed Day...
H. Wijaya
Mobile: (65) 9626 5321