Hi mums..
I'm an Indonesian Chinese introverted divorced guy with one 19 month daughter.
Here's a lil bit of my story :

In jun 2014 i planned to run my own business, therefore when there's a retrenchment at oct 2014 i came to my boss so that can i be included on the retrenchment list. So finally i got my retrenchment on oct 2014. But right after that, my wife got cheated by her friend in their handphones business, left my wife in a huge debt. All my pension money and our savings that was planned for open our business is gone to pay my wife debt. Things got worse when me and wife always had a fight everyday, and finally get divorced.

My 19 month daughter is taken by my wife. I lost my daughter, my wife, house, car, everything (literally).

I plan to work in sg, and I already sent many application letters through email, but not sure whether they have quota for foreigners or not, plus i'm only a senior high school graduated (same level with junior college).

I can't work in indonesia due to its very low basic salary. I'm already 33 years old. It would take a very very long time for me to save money to buy a house again, and or get back everything that i've lost. And the most important thing is, i have to give my daughter a good education. Singapore salary is in dollar, while indonesia is in rupiah, there's a big difference on it.

Now i only have 3 option :
1. Get a job in sg, tried it but seems not working.
2. Be a male escort/gigolo
3. Donor my kidney (with fair compensation ?)

I wonder if someone could help me on option 2 or 3 ?
To be honest, i have a small penis and i dont have a gorgeous body.
But if you're looking for a good listener, someone to accompany you in holiday or go to ktv, friend for a cup of tea/coffee/beer/wine/etc, you can count on me.

I know that some of you might already judging me while you're reading this.
I dont care coz i literally would do anything for my daughter.

Please, i really really need your help/advice.
I can be contacted through my whatsapp +6282169615725 or my email santo.effendy@yahoo.com .
Thanks mums