New kid on the block Tower Transit will offer its female staff 26 weeks of maternity leave, more than the current 16 weeks of Government-paid leave.
Wait a minute. If 52 weeks = 12 months = 1 year, then…

That’s right, that’s half a year worth of maternity leave, at the time when babies are the most vulnerable and need all the tender loving care in the world from their mothers.
According to Channel NewsAsia, the employment terms were developed by Tower Transit, which won the first government bus contract earlier this year, together with the National Transport Workers Union, during an era when most people think that NTUC is just a supermarket.

Come to think about it, no company would voluntarily up benefits when it can stick to the status quo and that points us to the union.

Thumbs up, man.

As for bus drivers, the company offers a starting pay of $1,865 and The Straits Times reported that with 10 hours of overtime a week, drivers can earn up to $3,000 a month.
Drivers also only need to do what their job title says: Drive. Refuelling, cleaning and parking of buses will be done by a separate team, said the London-based operator.

Just to add proverbial icing on the cake, all employees get to travel for free on all public transport and are eligible for upgrading, which includes sponsorship for degree courses.
The company will be the first foreign transport company to run bus routes in Singapore and will operate 26 bus routes that will serve Bukit Batok, Clementi and Jurong East interchanges from mid 2016.

According to ST, a total of 450 transport workers from SBS and SMRT will be affected. However, Tower Transit already made offers to the affected drivers at the end of October.

Original article here: New bus operator Tower Transit offering female staff 26 weeks of maternity leave | Mothership.SG