An undergraduate with the National University of Singapore (NUS) spoke on facebook about 'rampaging war' and tweaking the electrical wiring at a 'target location' in the school.

The comments from Michael Tjin, who is apparently from Australia, was made after he had found out a fire inside a lecture theatre at the School of Engineering, reportedly caused by a projector.

Michael first spoke about 'rampaging war' in a department of the school in response to a friend's comment on his posting, before stating that it was "time to rerig the electrical wiring in our target location".

STOMPer Belle, who came across the postings on Michael's facebook page, wrote:

"Attached are the screenshots of some offensive and disturbing posts written by an NUS undergraduate, Michael Tjin.

"On his facebook wall, he was ranting about the teaching system in NUS.

"He also commented on the fire that broke out in NUS engineering faculty on Monday.

"He said that students should be encouraged to rampage war against the department by burning it down.

"If he was so sick and tired of the NUS system, why did he enroll into the school in the first place?

"Is this the quality of a regular NUS undergraduate who will be contributing to the Singapore workforce in the future?"